Nonprofit MVP: A TV show for competing nonprofits that will change lives.

This competition will take you & the people you help from surviving to thriving.

Find Fuel for your Nonprofit Dream on the Las Vegas Stage

Put Your Nonprofit’s Mission on the Map, Starting with Boise, Idaho!

Get ready to transform your nonprofit potential into reality with Nonprofit MVP, the live, nationally televised competition-style show that’s touring cities across America, starting with Boise, Idaho! Filming on February 20 and 21 and broadcasting on the Las Vegas Television Network and local Boise stations, this is your chance to gain invaluable mentorship and expertise. Led by industry experts you’ll dive into intensive bootcamps, and challenges designed to amplify your mission through training, funding, and unique experiences that apply to real world work in the nonprofit sector.
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Nonprofit MVP

From the very outset, Nonprofit MVP offers comprehensive mentoring experience, guiding participants through specialized coaching in essential areas such as fundraising strategies, donor database workshop, techniques for auction item and sponsorship acquisition and more. Each episode of the show presents a unique set of information that relates to the challenges, carefully crafted by the mentors to test the creativity, and strategic thinking of the team members. With this competition, there’s $25,000 in cash and services given to the winner and up for grabs in every episode, leading up to the Grand Finale where the ultimate winner will receive a substantial $100,000 prize in cash and services.

Lights. Camera. Action.

The Nonprofit MVP Program promises to be a groundbreaking initiative, providing invaluable opportunities for learning, growth, and exposure for nonprofit organizations. It aims to not only enhance the capabilities of these organizations but also to bring their crucial work into the limelight, engaging the community in meaningful and impactful ways.

Don’t miss this creative opportunity to bring Nonprofit MVP to your city or to join as a contestant in Season 2.

Apply now to be part of this empowering journey that's reshaping the nonprofit fundraising experience!

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