Welcome to the Nonprofit MVP Application! We are now casting for Nonprofit MVP, and we can’t wait to meet you. When you’re ready to begin this app, be prepared to fill out all information in one sitting. Certain info is required for each member of the team, while some information applies to your organization as a whole. You can either have a “point person” to fill out all information for team members and the organization, or else each team member can fill out the personal info required for them. In that case, you may want to have a Nonprofit MVP pizza party and application session! 

All information you provide to us is considered private, secure, and will not be shared beyond the terms of the releases and authorizations. Each team member is responsible for reading Section V (5) of the application as well as the disclaimer at the bottom of the app.

The application can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to fill out. 

Here are some helpful hints on what you should have ready in order to complete all required information.  

Each team member will need the following individual, personal items:

  • Passport
  • Resume
  • Social Media links
  • A Photo of each team member competing

For your Nonprofit organization, you will need:

  • Tax ID for your organization
  • Social Media account links
  • Past twelve (12) months P&L
  • Your organization’s unique value proposition

A 90-second video created via the link provided in the application – one person may speak for the organization or all team members may be featured in the video.

To apply, please fill in all requested information, paying close attention to the required fields, and submit your information below. For questions, please email us at

Part I: Personal Information 
Nonprofit MVP will allow up to three team members for each nonprofit competing. Click the dropdown box and fill out the “Basic Information” section for each additional team member. All asterisked fields must be filled out in order to submit the application.

    Click Here To Record Now

    IMPORTANT: PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE (OTHER THAN YOURSELF) FILM YOU or have your device set up handsfree. After you record you will be able to play it back to watch it before you submit it. You may record more than 1 video to convey your message.

    FILMING ON AN IPHONE OR ANY SMARTPHONE: TURN THE PHONE HORIZONTAL. You wouldn't watch TV vertically and neither do we. This will make it easier for us to see you!

    Instructions for video:

    1.) Tell us about yourself and why you started your nonprofit. What do you love (and hate!) about the nonprofit industry? What is your business philosophy and what sets you apart from other entrepreneurs? Why do you feel you should be on Nonprofit MVP?

    2.) Show us your workspace, and if you have other office team members, this is a great time to introduce them! If you have any momentos or items in your office that provide your inspiration, we would enjoy seeing those too.

    SAVE: Finally, save your video and label it with your FULL NAME & CITY. Please do NOT use “Nonprofit MVP” or “NPMVP” in the name of your video.

    If you have issues uploading your video, please email it to

    If you have any other videos showing you in action at your nonprofit, upload them below. Videos under 200 MB will be accepted. Upload as many as you need to convey your message.

    Your Video Name on the video you upload should be the name of your Nonprofit.

    Upload Link

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