Meet the Co-host of Nonprofit MVP, Frost

The Co-host of Nonprofit MVP, Frost, is Host Nancy’s Labrador Retriever, a graduate of Guide Dogs for the Blind. Out of the litter born to Embry and Joplin in January of 2019, Frost was the only puppy who grew up to become a guide dog. A star from the beginning, Frost’s “Puppy Report” shows he was extremely motivated with food and possessed “great house manners.”

Frost’s journey included twelve weeks of rigorous training, including a series of trials the dogs must finish with a 100% completion rate. Very few can do this.

Frost’s education began with socialization and obedience responses, focus exercises, and an introduction to the harness. By the final weeks, Frost had to demonstrate total independence boarding, riding, and exiting escalators as well as subway and rail cars, avoiding obstacles and drop-off edges. Out of approximately 900 dogs that begin training, an average of 200 complete it successfully. There’s a similar attrition rate in the Navy Seals. After Frost and Nancy were matched, they continued training together.


Given the intensity of the program, most people think guide dogs are expensive, but this is not the case. A 501(c)(3), Guide Dogs for the Blind provides all services free of charge, including assistance with veterinary bills, all via private funding. This level of generosity gave Nancy the freedom and security she needed to run her business – and became the spark that birthed Nonprofit MVP, a creative way to promote and support nonprofits while bringing a global audience along for the journey.

Frost’s paycheck consists entirely of Milo’s meatballs, and the latest word is that Frost and his newly-acquired agent are in salary negotiations.

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