Nonprofit MVP Team Celebrates the Gift of Giving in Vegas

Kristie Saucerman, Jon Fondy, and Nancy Solari at Business With Heart Expo in Las Vegas

The Nonprofit MVP executive team gathered at The Space in Las Vegas for the Businesses With Heart Expo hosted by Cause Marketing Chamber of Commerce on September 14, 2023. People met from a variety of organizations to make connections, increase awareness, and swap ideas. The host of Nonprofit MVP, Nancy Solari, Producer Jon Fondy, and On-Air Consultant Kristi Saucerman have worked extensively supporting nonprofits in the past, and were excited to see what the expo had to offer.

photo of Nancy in an interview while her guide dog, Frost, listens.

Producer Jon Fondy created a studio with a set and multiple cameras where Nancy interviewed vendors and attendees alike. Also the host of the national Living Full Out Radio Show, Nancy loves hearing the stories of the people making a difference in the nonprofit space. “I interviewed a variety of people from names we all knew to folks just coming in out of curiosity. The magic of that day was being able to learn about all the groups and the people they serve, from animals to kids,” Nancy said. “Being around people who lead with their heart is always uplifting.”

photo of several booths just after set-up

The team had a special tour of the booths representing a wide range of causes from animal care to marketing services for charity groups.

the Heaven Can Wait organization’s booth
Photo of Nancy, toasting the expo organizers

The celebration lasted into the evening with presentations, podcasts, and people making connections throughout the experience. The expo is held twice per year, and the Nonprofit MVP team can’t wait for the next event!

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