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Welcome to the Nonprofit MVP blog! It’s late July, and the Nonprofit MVP team is working hard to turn a dream into reality. We’re looking for contestants with a heart for learning, serving, and loving people. Our philosophy is spelled out in our mantra: “Motivating Vision through Purpose.” This competition is a 360-degree answer to the needs confronting nonprofits whose passion is to serve.

 At age sixteen, the legally blind host of our TV show, Nancy Solari, discovered just how vital the help of nonprofits can be. Diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at age sixteen, Nancy found tools, technology, and advice from organizations like Braille Institute Library. Now a legally blind CEO, not to mention a radio and television broadcaster, Nancy is turning the tables, creating the perfect incubator for philanthropic ventures and dreamers; like the Nonprofit MVP Team, they just want to give back, reach out, and find help for those in need right now. 

How is our show different from other competition-style “Reality” TV shows? For one thing, the expert mentors have a heart for serving others, making it their mission to educate, support, and prepare the contestants for the tough challenges they will face. It all begins with a week of boot-camp competition, where the mentors guide the teams, sharing the wealth of knowledge they have acquired.  Competitors will come away with tangible tools, tips, and strategies they can apply to their nonprofit organization. This show is about team-work, and these challenges will encourage the camaraderie the contestants will need as the teams chase their biggest dream. This kind of heat will test everything they think they know. By the time the teams stand before the judges, each member will be prepared to pitch their vision with the skills they need to win the big money. On the Las Vegas stage, they will show the world what they’ve learned. A live studio audience will decide which team of nonprofit business leaders will win the Grand Prize! 

So, is your dream opening an elephant sanctuary? Launching programs for kids with autism spectrum disorder? Sheltering the homeless? Building schools? Maybe it’s time to launch your vision on a global stage. Click the button to apply. 

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