Season One

One of the top ten places to launch a new business and rated CNBC’s Number Three choice for its friendly attitude toward entrepreneurs made Boise, Idaho, our top choice for Season One filming of Nonprofit MVP. We bring experts in their industries to help competing nonprofit organizations like Idaho Backcountry Vets and West Valley Humane Society as they compete for a $25,000 value in cash, and services.

This event is more than a showcase of skills; it’s a testament to the strength and unity of the Boise community. As we spotlight the causes championed by our first contestants, we invite you to join us in this journey of empowerment and innovation.

At the forefront of this initiative are two inspiring participants: Idaho Backcountry Vets, dedicated to uniting veterans for mutual support and shared experiences, and West Valley Humane Society, committed to improving the lives of animals and the community.

Both groups will partake in fundraising challenges, taking advantage of their “boot camp” education, including lessons in social and digital media tactics, training with donor management, sponsorships, best practices with fundraising using an online auction platform and ways to optimize peer to peer efforts and more. 

You can watch the contestants as they prepare for competition before a live television audience via The Las Vegas Television Network and local Boise stations.

To learn more about the inspiring stories and missions of our first contestants, tune into Season 1, episodes 1-3 of the Nonprofit MVP Challenge, where you'll gain a deeper understanding of their impactful work and the transformative journey they embark on in this unique and empowering competition.

West Valley Humane Society

Idaho Back Country Vet

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